Chinese and foreign furniture leaders gather in Guangdong to explore new international development of the industry

October 21, 2019

The Chinese and Foreign Furniture Industry Leaders Summit was held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province on the afternoon of the 15th. Furniture industry leaders from China, the United States, Singapore and Chinese Taipei and other countries and regions gathered in Houjie, Dongguan to discuss how to accelerate in the trend of international furniture restructuring. development of.

The theme of the China-Foreign Furniture Industry Leaders Summit was “Convergence – Reshaping the International Furniture Pattern”, hosted by the 25th Famous Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee and other representatives of well-known furniture brands at home and abroad.

At the forum, the heads of Chinese and foreign furniture brands, international buyers, domestic distributors, representatives of domestic and international distribution channels, etc., discussed the strategic layout of international furniture brands to enter the Chinese market, studied the effective path of Chinese furniture enterprises to overseas markets, and explored China. The future of innovation and upgrading of the furniture industry.

Chen Zhongqiu, executive director of the 25th Famous Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee, said that nowadays, while Chinese furniture brands are constantly "going out", foreign furniture brands have also crossed the ocean to come to China, including European, American and French. The furniture has gained a lot of market attention while the home style is more open. Chen Zhongqiu said that the forum aims to communicate and exchange with the Chinese furniture industry and overseas counterparts, and share experiences and ideas in the discussion. The development of China's furniture industry needs to compete with foreign furniture brands for market, technology, and brand influence. It also needs to learn from domestic and foreign markets and learn from peer experience to seek a win-win situation.

Zeng Zhenyu is the chairman of the Hong Kong Shengjia Commercial Organization. He entered the furniture industry in 1990. He analyzed at the summit that China needs to learn from the advanced ideas of foreign excellent companies and “dance with foreign companies” to learn about various foreign furniture companies. business model. Foreign furniture brands coming to China can bring new technologies and new ideas in the operation and product design of “Yang” furniture brands, providing China with diversified product choices. He also said that the reshaping of the international furniture industry is taking place, and a number of internationally renowned furniture brands have begun to enter the domestic market collectively and on a large scale, bringing a new wave of pressure to the already fierce domestic market, but at the same time, It also brings new choices to Chinese consumers.

The 25th Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair will open in Dongguan, Guangdong Province on the 16th. The exhibition is the fourth largest furniture fair in the world, and the number of companies applying for exhibiting has reached a record high.

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