Insights on post-printing environmental protection coatings

October 20, 2019

On the topic of environmental protection glazing materials, Xuan Long Chemicals Wang Xiaohua has the following explanation:

Conventional varnish and coating adhesives are generally composed of organic solvents or film-forming resins. Because the coating adhesive contains a large amount of organic solvents, a large amount of organic substances need to be volatilized in the film formation process for curing. Therefore, it is a highly volatile organic compound. . The volatile organic compounds of the environment-friendly varnish have low volatility or no volatility. To achieve the above indicators, the paint should not contain too much volatile solvent, and some are completely solvent-free. New environmental protection varnish or film adhesives are produced using emulsion synthesis technology. Emulsion synthesis is based on water as the medium through a special reaction synthesis process. Since water is an inorganic substance, it is non-toxic, odorless, and does not contain volatile gases when used or operated. It is harmless to human health and does not pollute. atmosphere. The systems of emulsion type and solvent type coatings are different, and there will be some differences in the use and operation. Emulsion paints use water as the medium, and the water content (higher than the hot melt) is higher, so the requirements for the drying equipment of the operating machinery will be higher.

Emulsion varnish or film adhesive has been developed so far, performance indicators in all aspects can be basically the same with solvent-based varnish or plastic film, but the ease of use still needs time to improve. The main problem of traditional crude oil is the harmful substances. If we want to reduce these harmful factors, we must strengthen all kinds of environmental protection facilities, such as improving the ventilation while adding harmful organic gas collection and disposal equipment to reduce the impact on people and the environment. . The media that cause environmental pollution in the processing process should be handed over to the relevant media company for processing and increase the cost of the plant in terms of equipment and environment, but the use of emulsion-based varnish can avoid this situation.

We think that Hong Kong has a deeper understanding of environmental protection varnish or coated plastics and it is also easier to accept. However, with the introduction of the corresponding environmental protection laws in China and the increasing awareness of environmental protection among the general public, Xuan Long has not encountered much difficulty in promoting products in China. As the environmental laws and regulations in foreign countries have become increasingly stringent, the demand for environmentally-friendly varnish and coated plastics has increased. We will invest more resources in product development. In addition, we will provide our customers with the most basic ROHS and REACH Environmental Quality Certificates. When designing environmental protection varnishes, we strictly follow the above two standards and do not use the listed hazardous substances at all. Unfortunately, there is a chemical industry in China. The factory still uses banned raw material production.

In recent years, there has been a large amount of environmental protection varnishes and environmentally friendly film adhesives used in food packaging, gift packaging, and book publishing. For the safety of food packaging, manufacturers will abandon the original solvent-based coating oil and use environmentally friendly water-based coating oil. The packaging used in books is also for safety reasons. The book is the object of long-term contact in life. If the package contains harmful substances, it will infiltrate into the body through the skin and affect health. Our advice to the industry is that when purchasing environmental protection varnish and environmental protection coatings, we must obtain environmental protection quality certificate from the manufacturer and prove that the products used are in full compliance with environmental protection quality standards.

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