Red lips sexy charm

October 19, 2019

Flame red lips with fashion short hair is not sexy, let's take a look at the actress's fashion short hair with the flame red lips sexy shape!

Flame red lips, fashion sexy charm

Charming rose

For the role of "Invulnerable", Xiao Xiaorou cut short 7-year-old rose, recently shot a group of fashion blockbusters. The slanting long bangs covering half of the face, charming and sexy, with blurred eyes, bright red lips and retro background, the retro beauty of the 1930s immediately grabs your eyes.

Flame red lips, fashion sexy charm

Change the style of the high circle

Artist Gao Yuanyuan recently filmed a set of post-modern collage styles, the doll's style, the confused eyes, the self-deprecating attitude, showing a different high circle. The short hair that was combed forward had a rebellious "bad girl" temperament; the red lips of Xiaodu could not help but pity. Short hair, red lips, neutral wind dress, decadent eyes, high round in the big film, no longer the warmth and modestness of the girl next door, like a lonely and self-entertaining doll across the window, showing her maybe The psychological side that has never been opened to people.

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