Development Trend of Color Prepress Proofing Technology

August 23, 2019

Pre-press proofing as an indispensable process in printing is the standard for manuscripts and quality control, and it is also the key to the rapid development of business. Digital proofing has improved the printing quality and work efficiency, and has played a role in boosting the development of the company.

Digital proofing is a good helper for business

Packaging prepress proofing is the most important part of digital proofing. Uncertain orders and proofing risks. If your customer has asked for a small number of sample boxes before they have placed orders, what is the cost of creating a sample box? Based on the above factors, can you meet the customer's needs in a short period of time? What you hear is the same answer, "This is a risk."

The time for the traditional proofing of plain paper is the fastest, but at least one day or more, and the price ranges from 100 to 300 yuan. Today, the use of specialty paper is widely used, the traditional process of backward proofing has directly restricted the development of the industry. Gold and silver cardboard proofing is a typical example. Gift packaging, wine, tea, moon cakes, and health products are all products with higher profits in the industry. However, the cost of traditional proofing is staggering. Cycles range from 3 to 5 days, costs over 500 yuan, and samples are produced. The quality is low, misalignment often occurs, and the modification period is long. Are you struggling with business orders? How about the expensive proofing costs and tedious production process? Why miss business opportunities for a long sample cycle? High output production costs, will a few days of proofing time keep you from passing high orders? Based on the above analysis, digital proofing is a substitute for traditional proofing, and it is also a weapon for business development.

Digital proofing machine purchase

According to the use of the machine classification, mainly divided into laser printers and inkjet printers. Because of the cost of laser printers of up to hundreds of thousands, the maximum A3+ printing format, the color and the printing color are far from each other, so they were soon eliminated from the digital proofing industry. Now all digital proofers are inkjet printers, of which ESPON holds more than 85% of the market, and HP and CANON occupy the rest of the market. The reason for such a large gap depends mainly on the working principle of the machine nozzle. The following author will analyze and contrast the ESPON inkjet printer.

EPSON original system

With EPSON's original machine with original ink, this system solves the problem of digital proofing and is widely used by industry pioneers. The advantage of the product is that the original ink has less influence on the nozzle of the machine, and the color is gorgeous. But the disadvantages are also obvious: 1. The ink is expensive at more than 2 yuan per ml. 2. The support media is single and requires professional proofing paper, costing around 10 yuan per square. 3. The color and printing color are far from each other.

ESPON water conversion system

The original ESPON machine was modified mainly to change the heating device and use a special water-based compatible ink. Nowadays, most of the digital proofers are of this type. The advantages of this type of product: 1. The ink is cheaper at around 0.5 yuan/ml. 2. Commonly used paper such as copper plate, whiteboard paper, and grey white can be directly proofed without coating. 3. The color is 90% close to the process color. 4. The overall price of the machine is relatively cheap. 5. The nozzle has a long service life. The disadvantages are: 1. Compatible with small paper, special paper can not proof. 2. The heating device has a large influence on the nozzles of the machine. The working temperature is generally between 90 and 130 degrees. The nozzles will deform during a long time. 3. You cannot print immediately and dry. You need to print again for about 30 minutes.

EPSON oily conversion system

EPSON original machine for conversion, mainly to change the temperature heating device and the use of special oil compatible ink, and now some manufacturers have realized that this is the most suitable digital machine.

The advantages of this product are: 1. Support a wide range of media, can support special paper proofing, but also compatible with PVC, PET, stickers and other media. 2. The ink is cheap and it is also around 0.5 yuan. 3. All materials are imprinted and dried. 4. The printing effect is 90% closer to the printing effect and it is waterproof and scratch resistant. The main disadvantages of the product are: 1. The cost of the system is 1,000 to 2,000 yuan less than the scheme. 2. The ink will plug the ink more than the water ink, because the oily ink is easier to dry. The better ink on the market has basically solved this problem. As long as the operation is reasonable, the service life of the machine is not much different from that of the water-based machine.

Based on the above comparison, it is not difficult to see that the third EPSON oily conversion system has outstanding advantages in the media compatible side and the instant noodles, and it is also a full-scale digital proofing machine. The original and water refitting solutions can only be the transition of the market. product.

Author: Xiamen Haoyin Digital Consumables Co., Ltd.

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