Medical Plastic Bottles Dimensions and Physical and Chemical Performance Testing

August 20, 2019

The appearance of the bottle body: The appearance of the plastic bottle mainly includes the quality characteristics of the bottle body, such as the overall shape of the bottle body, the surface color tone, the glossiness, and the appearance quality. The appearance quality inspection basis is based on the different defects of the various parts of the plastic bottle, to develop different appearance defect standards. The appearance quality of the bottle body is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit of the actual object or a standard sample is made. The standard sample is preferably sealed with one defect of each type for verification. However, from the overall requirements of plastic bottles, the appearance of the quality should have a uniform milky white color, no significant color difference, the bottle surface should be smooth, smooth, does not allow deformation and significant scratches, does not allow the trachoma, oil, Bubbles, the mouth of the bottle should be smooth, and have a good fit with the bottle cap.

Bottle body appearance size detection: Due to the different precision of the equipment for producing medicinal plastic bottles, the raw material and the process parameters are different, and the dimensional accuracy of the appearance changes. The same equipment is generally used. The plastic bottles produced from the same raw material and molding method should be stored at a constant temperature room temperature of 23°±2° for a certain period of time before being measured, and under the stable process molding conditions, the appearance of the control product. Appearance measurements were made on the reference dimensions of various parts of the design. Some of the important dimensions to measure are:

(1) Measurement of the overall height dimension of a plastic bottle: The so-called bottle overall height dimension refers to the vertical distance from the mouth of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle. The test method is to place the plastic bottle on a horizontal surface and contact the vernier caliper to the bottle mouth. At the highest point, the bottle body is then rotated 360° to read the maximum and minimum dimensions, and is in agreement with the size of the plan. For example, the 40-60 mL bottle height dimension error should be controlled within ±0.5 mm.

(2) Measurement of the outer diameter of the plastic bottle mouth: The specific measurement method is to measure the scale of the tool across the center of the bottle mouth, to avoid the position of the bottle mold clamping line, the spindle close to the mouth of the mouth, the circle The bottle mouth is rotated 360°, the maximum and minimum values ​​are measured, and compared with the design diagram of the bottle body, the external diameter error should be controlled within 0.1 mm of the soil.

(3) Measurement of the outer diameter of the plastic bottle: The measuring method is to use the measuring surface of the vernier caliper to contact the maximum outer diameter of the bottle body to measure the position, tighten the vernier caliper, rotate the plastic bottle body 360°, and record the maximum and minimum values. The size of the value, the error should be controlled within the range of 0.l mm.

(4)Measurement of wall thickness of various parts of plastic bottles: For the medicinal plastic bottle of a circular rotating body, the measurement area of ​​the symmetrical part is cut with a cutter, so that the measuring tool can be entered to detect the various parts of the bottle. At this point, the thickness of the plastic bottle mouth, the thickness of the shoulders, the thickness of the body, and the thickness of the bottom of the bottle can be strictly measured, and the maximum and minimum values ​​can be recorded. The design drawings of the bottle product are compared. Verify that the dimensional tolerances are within the standard requirements.

Inspection of physical and chemical properties of medicinal plastic bottles: The main items inspecting the physical and chemical properties of plastic bottles include heavy metal testing, non-volatile residue testing, ignition residue testing, reducing substance testing, sealing performance testing, and oscillation performance testing. Water vapor permeability test and abnormal toxicity test and bacterial culture test. The above test items are inspected and tested regularly according to the sampling method of YY0057-91 solid pharmaceutical polyolefin plastic bottle standard. If all of the indicators of these test items are met and meet the requirements for use, the package of medicinal plastic bottles can be guaranteed to have good

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