Tips for buying toys

August 17, 2019

Choosing toys for children has always been a headache for parents. This is not only because there are too many types of toys, but also because of the increasing number of incidents in which children are injured by toys. How to judge the safety of a toy? Taiwan's "Health" magazine gives five very easy to use tips.

One touch: first touch the outside of the toy to see if the surface or appearance has burrs or sharp edges, corners, and thorns.

Second look: no matter toys or supplies, the color is rich and bright, most of them will be doped with heavy metals, so it is best to choose a single color paint.

Sancha: Use a nail to slightly rub the colored part of the toy to see if the paint is easily peeled off.

Four pokes: Prepare a straw before buying the toy, the thickness is similar to that of the child's finger. When picking the toy, use this straw to explore the gap between the toys (such as the gap between the wheels) to see if it can be freely in and out without being Stuck.

Five plugs: Any small toy and parts less than 5 cm in length and less than 3 cm in diameter are unsafe. Parents are advised to prepare a film box and try to put some small detachable items on the toy. If it is buried in the box, it will be too small, not safe enough to be put into the entrance by children.

In addition, no matter what channel the toy is bought, it is best to wash it after buying it, or use alcohol to disinfect it; if there is a packaging film, it is best to remove it before letting the child play.

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