Australia develops new materials green plastic bottles

August 17, 2019

According to the British Food Engineering & Ingredient Science and Technology magazine, Australia's Plant Technologies has researched and developed a new type of plastic packaging that can be discarded after use. The researchers developed a biodegradable new packaging material that is exactly the same in shape and feel as the plastic material produced by Nippon Kasei Co., Ltd., and that can also perform color printing. This kind of corn. This article comes from the Chinese bottle net. Starch is processed from raw materials and packaging materials can also be cut and formed processing. The raw material of the new biodegradable packaging material is corn starch, and its structure is suitable for plastic production. This is a high amylose starch that requires special planting—amylose with a long-chain molecular structure. The new packaging materials can not only be processed into plastic products that are favorable to environmental protection, but also have relatively low relative prices, which is conducive to promotion and use.

Application tests show that this new material is stable and reliable as a packaging material for dry foods such as chocolate and biscuits. Once the new packaging material is placed in water, it can begin to decompose immediately until it is finally completely dissolved and disappears.

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