Haining Changning Printing Materials Co., Ltd. research and development of benzene-free composite ink

June 18, 2019

As the country's requirements for food packaging continue to increase, the use of plastic composite inks containing toluene is increasingly limited. Changning has successfully developed benzene-free ink since 2002. After more than three years of practical application in large quantities, it has achieved remarkable results. The outstanding advantages are "low solvent residues and no toluene." The product quality inspection results of the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau are qualified.

Changning's benzene-free inks are mainly based on alcohol solvents, together with ester solvents. The ink has excellent fastness on BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), PET (polyester), and NY film, and has low ink solvent residue and good composite fastness. And it has medium cooking resistance.

Use features:
1. Excellent printability, wide printing adaptability from low speed to high speed.
2, suitable for intaglio printing and flexo printing.
3, good composite strength, good composite strength for various composites.
4. Little residual solvent will not cause a lot of alcohol residual solvent odor to contaminate the inner packaging.

Information Source: China Printing and Packaging Network

The film has excellent heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite base materials, used in the production of high-temperature boiling film, vacuum aluminum coating film, the market is very optimistic.Moreover, with the development of domestic production equipment, some of the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.As a result, the threshold to enter the film production is lower and lower.Because of this, some enterprises rush to import the flow of film production line in order to reach the designated position, the higher the level, the better, while leaving the market demand and the return on investment aside, which will cause huge waste of resources.

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