Heidelberg SM74 Extended Double Sided Press

June 18, 2019

According to news from Heidelberg, the SM 74 double-sided press with 10 printing units has been upgraded with glazing units and UV units for a wide range of substrates, ensuring maximum flexibility and productivity. Heidelberger said that in the summer of 2005 it will introduce the Speedmaster CD 74, a six-color double-sided printing press. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is said that the machine can achieve high-quality double-sided printing quality, can be printed on paper and paperboard printing materials, and the exchange time between single-sided and double-sided printing is very short. The installation of the first machines proved to be successful and had outstanding advantages in terms of speed and cost savings.

Spe ed mas terC D7 4 series printers come in two sizes, one is a type suitable for packaging printing, the printing format is 60.5cm x 74cm (23.82 inches x 29.13 inches), and the other is suitable for commercial printing. Type C, printing format 53cm x 74cm (20.87 inches x 29.13 inches)

Source: Guangdong Printing

This is suitable for brushing semi smooth and smooth surface rollers. Its absorption of paint is very large.
The surface of this product is very soft, its effect is as strong as sponge brush, but it is easier to carry than sponge brush. It covers a small area.
Its bristles are made up of tiny bits of fluff and can be easily painted on rough surfaces.
Product advantages: smooth, overall sense, strong carding uniform, neat, no hair chamfer overlap or gap is too large (0.5-1.5mm)

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