New high-transparency heat-resistant biodegradable plastic

April 24, 2019

Japan Teijin and Musashino Chemical Research Institute (Tokyo Chuo-ku) jointly developed a new high-transparency heat-resistant biodegradable plastic, and the two companies will jointly work together to open up the market.

Although biodegradable plastics made of polylactic acid, which has been marketed, have received favorable reviews in environmental protection, they are not as good as oil-based plastics in terms of heat resistance and impact resistance. The heat-resistant biodegradable plastic jointly developed by Teijin and Musashino has the following characteristics: raw materials are derived from plants, have biodegradability, are the same as existing biodegradable plastics, and are friendly to the environment; new heat-resistant biodegradable plastics The melting point is 210°C, which is 40°C higher than the melting point of the polylactic acid biodegradable plastic on the current market. It can compete with the representative heat-resistant plastic PBT; high heat resistance solves the existing biodegradable plastic fiber Hot problems; good adaptability to high-temperature molding of films and resins; excellent transparency, exceeding PET.

The existing biodegradable plastics can only be replaced with limited materials such as PP (melting point of about 140°C), and the new heat-resistant biodegradable plastics can be widely used as an upgraded product of PBT and PET with high versatility.

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