Sidel: 40% savings in gas recovery from blown bottled gas

April 22, 2019

Advantages: Saves 29% to 44% of the compressed air and thus reduces the energy consumption of the compressor. Application: Blow-moulding equipment for all SBO Series 1 and Series 2 (except hot-blowing bottles and multi-use blow-molding equipment)
Installation time: 4~8 days

Sidel's innovation not only means developing new models, but also means introducing new solutions to improve equipment. The work of the Sidel equipment update department is to continuously update and upgrade existing equipment and optimize operations. There are more than 200 options in the department's library, including the gas recovery unit for the blower.

The "gas recovery unit" project currently provided by Sidel's after-sales service can save up to 44% of the bottled compressed gas. The user can realize the capital recovery of the project within a few months of using this device. The device recovers the compressed air at the end of the blowing cycle, avoiding the waste caused by the gas escaping into the atmosphere. The recycled gas is either reintroduced into the low-pressure system of the blow-moulder or returned to the gas compression tank in the factory, thus greatly saving energy. Taking the example of a SBO 14 blow moulding machine that produces 19,600 500 ml capacity bottles per hour, this device can save 29% to 44% of the compressed air and provide all the 7 bar gas required by the machine. And 20% of 40 bar gas.

The reduction in the amount of compressed air relieves the working pressure of the compressor, which reduces the power consumption of the equipment. Different devices using this gas recovery device can directly reduce energy consumption by 10% to 30%.

This gas recovery unit was launched on the market in 1998 and can be supplied in three different versions for different models or market specific needs. It is also used in all SBO Series 1 first generation and Series 2 second generation blowing machines. , And the latest SBO Series 2+ second-generation improved blow molding machine (in addition to hot bottle filling and multi-use bottle blowing equipment). In addition, installing a gas recovery unit, two Sidel technicians can complete it in only 4 to 8 days.
Technical Support: Sidel Corporation

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