Product Packaging and Marketing Analysis (1)

April 21, 2019

The earliest function of product packaging is to store objects to preserve protective objects. With the progress of the times, people’s quality of life has improved, and after they have had better economic conditions, they have begun to demand higher levels of product, not only the increasing quality of their products, but also the preference of the consumers for product packaging. For refinement. Modern product packaging is a product of technology and art. In addition to its original functions, it has added many new gimmicks and selling points, and combined with marketing strategies, it has also increased unlimited business opportunities.

This shows that the purpose of product packaging is no longer as simple as the past, I would like to try to understand the impact of product packaging on the modern society? How are consumers affected by it? Although the business opportunities for product packaging are unpredictable, is there any necessity for the existence of product packaging? How will its trend develop?

壹 ● Preface

Basic requirements for product packaging

When carrying out product packaging, the following principles must be followed:

1. The principle of product protection

Product packaging must first protect product quality and maintain product quantity. According to the different nature and characteristics of the product, such as: solid, liquid, bulky, flammable, fragile, valuable, precision, etc., use packaging materials and packaging technology. The packaging materials, packaging strength, and packaging methods must be suitable for the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the product to ensure that the product is not damaged, deteriorated, deformed, or leaked.

2. Easy to use principle

In order to facilitate the user and meet the different needs of the purchaser, the capacity and shape of the package should be varied. For example, the capacity of the packaging should take into account the convenience of storage, display, carrying and use. It is easy to open under the conditions of ensuring tight sealing of packaging. In order to meet the different needs of consumers, single packaging, multiple packaging and supporting packaging can be adopted. In addition, pay attention to the use of packaging equipment that can be reused and recycled as much as possible in order to dispose of waste packaging and make full use of packaging materials.

3. The principle of convenient transportation, storage and display

Sales packaging generally needs to be arranged in a combination of medium and transport packaging in order to meet the needs of transportation and storage. Therefore, the shape and size of the sales package should be consistent with the requirements of the transport package for transport and storage. Under the premise of ensuring product safety, as far as possible to reduce the volume of sales packaging, in order to help save packaging materials and transport and storage costs.

Before retailing, products are generally displayed on shelves. Thousands of products are stacked, suspended, placed, etc. to form an ocean of products. Sales packaging modeling structure, not only to display display, but also to facilitate user identification and purchase, such as the use of transparent packaging and "window" packaging.

4. The principle of beauty

The quality of product packaging can reflect the management level of a company, and it is also an important symbol of the cultural level, artistic accomplishment and scientific civilization of corporate management personnel. Sales packaging has the effect of beautifying products and promoting products. Therefore, the packaging should be beautiful, elegant and vivid. It should be unconventional, not imitation, similar, and adopt new materials, new designs, and new shapes as much as possible.

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