Domino S series laser marking machine

April 15, 2019

Laser marking is preferred when permanent variable marking or ink marking is not desirable. Lu Jie, manager of Domino's market segment, said that laser marking does not require consumables, which can reduce operating costs, reduce environmental pollution, and print beautifully. The application of laser marking technology in PET packaging materials has received increasing attention. For this Domino introduced the S200B marking laser marking machine, which uses the "Blue Tube (blue tube laser technology)" and the printed logo has a fantastic matte effect. Clearer, it also avoids the possibility of the package being thinned or even broken due to multiple prints.

Since 2004, Domino has launched an industry identity solution, which defines all products and services available to customers as different "modules", and combines modules to meet the individual needs of different industries and different customers, and provides appropriate solutions. Satisfy the special needs of users in equipment, applications, services and other aspects.

Domino pays great attention to environmental protection and launches AP series inkjet printers for the pharmaceutical industry. It is equipped with special environmental protection nozzles and water tanks to prevent the leakage of ink odors. The fully enclosed ink system facilitates ink replacement. In addition, DPX smoke eliminators have been developed to absorb the dust and smoke generated during laser marking, and the air filtering effect is excellent, ensuring a hygienic production environment and human health.

The road manager emphasized that when the inkjet coding technology was first introduced, it was only used for printing basic information such as production date and shelf life, and today's product identification technology is developing in a multi-functional direction, such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-dumping, and lottery promotion. The emerging RFID technology brings unprecedented breakthroughs for 100% product tracking. This domino has also been successfully applied. Detailed introduction will be launched in the second half of this year.

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