Shaiban, proofing process and standardized quality management (1)

April 11, 2019

First, the importance of printing process

The picture and text dot on the original plate of the color separation plate is transferred to the printing plate by means of sensitization. For the lithography, the site of the printing plate has the ink affinity function, and the blank site has a hydrophilic ink repellent ink. Performance, this image transfer program for lithographic printing. Only when the original picture is printed into a printing plate, an ink image is formed, and then the printing is transferred to the paper to complete the reproduction of the picture and text.

Shaiban is a bridge process between plate making and printing. On the color separation plate, it is required to transfer the graphic of the original picture without distortion. Under the printing, it is required that the hydrophilic properties of the ink-texture part and the blank part of the graphic part are clear, and at the same time, it must withstand tens of thousands of impressions of friction without changing its ink-printing and hydrophilic properties.

However, it is not only an intermediate transfer process, but changes will inevitably occur. To achieve stability and change, it is necessary to control the lithographic properties of the plate, the printing process, the image transfer data, and the adaptability to printing. In the overall specification data of the plate printing process, it is ensured that the reproduction reproduction is completed smoothly and satisfactorily.

The printing plate goes through twice in the entire copying process, once in print and once in print. Therefore, printing is very important in the entire reproduction process. Its quality directly affects the quality of the printed product and the printing efficiency. However, there are many problems in the current printing process, such as the use of different media for proofing and printing, and the difference in the dot of the two is very different; the spread of proofing and printing is inconsistent and needs to be reasonably adjusted through printing; The quality is unstable, causing more rework. Therefore, it is an urgent and important task to strengthen the standardization and data quality management of the printing process, and to stabilize and optimize the quality of the printing plate.

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