Masterflex-L printing machine

April 08, 2019

BOBST opened its doors in its Mex production area and welcomed more than 300 carton manufacturers from all over Europe to exhibit the latest machine, the Materflex-L. Jean-Luc Cachin made an opening statement and introduced the development of a new generation of machines to replace Dynaflex. He said: “Now, more and more carton factories need to combine die-cutting and printing to produce high-quality carton products. With Masterflex-L, we can easily achieve high precision printing and die cutting. Quality carton products."

The "L" in Masterflex-L stands for "production line" and represents the complete process. Masterflex-L can be produced in conjunction with the latest generation SPO 160 A-matic die-cutting machine with Power Register calibration. To ensure production, the company increased the die cutting speed of the SPO 160 A-matic by 15% to 7,000 sheets/hour.

Masterflex-L is a new machine, not an upgrade product based on past products. From its novel appearance to its unique internal settings, users can gain more advantages from traditional machines than the traditional Masterflex. For example, the machine provides a vacuum drive, a fixed block printing unit, an independent drive, and a print calibration device. At the same time, it also has some innovative features such as:

The high-speed belt feeding section has a cardboard edge positioning function, which ensures the accuracy of the first color positioning. No twin roll system is used so that no damage is caused to the cardboard.
The ink system has an automatic cleaning function, saving ink and water usage.
The automatic anilox roller replacement system can operate normally without operator intervention.

In actual production, Masterflex-L requires fewer operators than when exhibiting at the Mex site. The company explained that due to the Dynaload pre-feeder, Dynabreak separator and Dynapal packer, Masterflex-L requires only two operators and processes nearly 20 million square meters of paperboard annually.

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