Dongyang Brand Screen Printing Ink's Performance and Application

February 25, 2019

There are currently 12 series of Dongyang brand screen printing inks produced by Jiangmen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., which are described as follows:

1. SS5-000 Series

SS5-000 series inks are oxidative polymerization drying inks. Most of them are used for the printing of metal materials, such as iron plates and aluminum plates. They can also be used for the printing of glass, PP processing, and PE processing. It is characterized by high gloss, good flexibility and resistance to stamping. The most widely used on various types of dashboards. It can be naturally dried (about 12 hours for complete drying), and it can also be dried by heating (drying time is about 120°C for 20 minutes). Heat drying can increase the adhesion of the ink film to the substrate.

For multi-color printing, the second color should be printed before the one-color printing is completely dried. If the first color is completely dried and then the second color is printed, the second color may have poor adhesion.

It should be noted that white ink tends to turn yellow when baked at high temperatures for a long time. Therefore, for white ink, drying temperature should be reduced as much as possible to shorten the drying time. When using multicolor printing with white as the background color, it is necessary to grasp the proper baking method. The correct method is to print white, baking to the surface of the ink film is only touch-drying (such as 100 °C 5 minutes) that is the second color printing, and so on, until all colors are printed and then completely dried.

2. SS7-000 Series

SS7-000 series ink is a volatile drying type, drying fast, matt, good alcohol resistance, mainly used for the printing of soft and rigid PVC materials, can also be used for the printing of Acrylic, PC and other materials. A soft, matt effect can be achieved. It should be noted that: SS7-000 varnish is a bright type, when you need to use SS7-000 varnish to dilute the color concentration of SS7-000 series ink, the gloss of the ink film may increase, therefore, should control the SS7 -000 amount of varnish.

3. SS8-000 Series

SS8-000 series ink can be used for the printing of soft and rigid PVC materials, acrylic resin plates, Acrylic, PC, PS, ABS, AS and other materials. Fast drying speed, good gloss, alcohol resistance, good gasoline resistance, smooth ink film, is a very widely used ink.

The SS7-000 series inks and SS8-000 series inks are infinitely miscible and have a similar range of application. SS7-000 series inks are matt type, and SS8-000 series inks are high-gloss type. The gloss effect of the two inks is between the two.

4. SSSP series

SSSP series is mainly used for Acrylic, PC, PS, ABS and other materials. It can also be used for rigid PVC materials. It is characterized by good gloss, low odor, and no corrosion to the substrate. When errors occur in the printing process, P-100 thinner or alcohol can be used to wash out new reprints, thereby reducing substrate waste. Moreover, the ink does not contain irritating ketone solvents and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

SSSP series inks are sensitive to humidity, especially when printing PS materials, the humidity at the operation site should not be too high, and forced drying may be performed when necessary.

Compared with the SS8-000 series inks, the ink film of the SSSP series inks is slightly less alcohol resistant after drying.

5. SS16-000 Series

SS16-000 series is a two-fluid reactive ink that can be naturally dried or dried by heating. In a hot air circulation oven, the relationship between drying speed and temperature and residence time is as follows:

This series of inks has a wide range of applications and has good adhesion to treated PP, PE, polyester, urethane coating boards, chrome plating, stainless steel plates, and so on. The cured ink film has excellent gloss, resistance to punching, resistance to oil dissolution, and oil resistance.

Since this series of inks is a two-liquid reaction type, additives must be added to the ink when used. Ink mixing method: first 100 parts by weight of ink and 10 parts by weight of SSUR-100B additives are mixed well, and left for about 5 minutes, then slowly add the appropriate amount of thinner to dilute to a suitable printing viscosity, place 5-10 minutes You can print later. Note that the weighing of the additive must be accurate. If the amount of the additive is insufficient, the adhesion of the ink film cannot meet the requirement; if the amount of the additive is too much, the ink film becomes brittle. After the ink and additive are mixed, they must be used within 8 hours, otherwise the mixture will not be used due to the increased viscosity.

The SSUR-100B additive reacts with the moisture in the air to cure, so seal it when not in use.

After the ink film has dried for 24 hours, the two components in the ink film have reacted completely in order to achieve a good variety of patience.

(to be continued)

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